Below are pictures from our pet cancer support charity walk.

<Update: September 2016>

Thank you for all your support for pet cancer. We have raised over £2,500 so far for this year.
Also, thank you to all the people who helped to raise £1,000 for this wonderful bench for nightingale and for my special 50th birthday. The bench will be there for 10yrs+ for all to relax and enjoy.

In 2014, charity walk took place at Ridgeway and we raised more than £5,138! We have decided to use the money raised for ...
Infusion pump
Anaesthetic monitor
Stainless steel orthopaedic trolley

BIG THANK YOU all for those who supported us and, of course, lovely companion dogs walked with us!

Charity walk:
2016 - Hadrian's Wall walk
2014, 2013, 2012 - Cambridge University cancer support