Founder of crackerbury.

The founder of the crackerbury line was cracker in 1993.
For Christmas that year, I was asked if I would like a dog or a trip around the world. I chose a dog. CRACKER was born that Boxing day and out of 5 litters of puppies, the moment I saw him at 10 days old, I knew he was the one. Cracker brought so much love into our lives and our hearts.
A year later, we bought his half sister Rosie. We bred with Rosie who was such a sweet natured girl,and she produced a beautiful litter of Puppies. The best of that litter was Bruno, a big gentle giant of a lab whom we adored dearly. Then came Bonnie, who was always happy to please. she had a litter of black and yellow Puppies sired by Cracker. We kept Tarka and Heidi from that litter and they quickly became beloved members of our family.
TODAY, the memory of this original line lives on in all their descendents, and I'm very proud of them all. Every labrador of mine is Hip,Eye and Elbow tested.
Today, after more than 15 years of breeding labradors, we own the following dogs who have produced beautiful puppies. I keep in touch with 98% of my puppies even when they have grown up and their owners become new friends to CRACKERBURY.

Name: Scrunchie

Crackerbury Love Forever

Sire: Lougin Backstage
Dam: Crackerbury Forever

23/05/04 - 30/11/2016

Scrunchie was a wonderful girl, adored and treasured so much. I have lost a BEST and LOYAL FRIEND. She was a credit to Crackerbury and will be missed SOOO much. Thank you to Purton vets that spent time with me and scrunchie over the last 6 months. GOD BLESS my darling friend. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


Name: Rekcar

Crackerbury Lives Forever

Sire: Trendlewood You Wear It Well
Dam: Crackerbury Love Forever

05/08/06 - 16/02/2017

Sadly Rekcar passed away in her sleep at lunchtime on 16th Feb 2017, very peacefully BUT leaving a HUGE hole in our hearts. It was sudden heart attack. We love you forever Rekcar. as your name says 'LIVES FOREVER'. You are now at peace with your mummy scrunchie. BUT missing you dreadfully.xx

Name: Fred

Crackerbury Ray Of Peace

Sire: Trendlewood You Wear It Well
Dam: Crackerbury Love Forever

D.O.B 05/08/06

FRED is son to Scrunchie. AT STUD to approved Bitches. He is a Handsom, calm boy.very laid back in nature.
Hip, eye and elbow bested. All clear.

Name: Tarcara

Crackerbury Joy Forever

Sire: Trendlewood Only To Fly
Dam: Crackerbury Lives Forever

D.O.B 02/10/08

Tarcara is a bubble girl that has a love for Ball games,kind and gentle natured.
Hip, eye and elbow tested. All clear.

Name: Maori

Crackerbury Heart Will Go On

Sire: Trendlewood Only To Fly
Dam: Crackerbury Love Forever

D.O.B 14/04/10

Maori is daughter to Scrunchie. Maori has a beautiful,calm nautre for a puppy so young. She really is a darling.
Too young to be tested but will do in due course.

Name: Bailee

Crackerbury Titoki Forever

Sire: Trendlewood Moondance
Dam: Crackerbury Heart Will Go On

D.O.B 08/10/12

Bailee is a sweet natured girl. Our first choc so VERY SPECIAL GIRL, adored very much.

Name: Tui

Crackerbury Forever Yours

Sire: TRENOW Gabriel Oak
Dam: Crackerbury heart will go on

D.O.B 12/08/14

TUI is a very sweet and fun loving girl.

Name: Sammy

Crackerbury Brave Forever

Sire: TRENOW Gabriel oak
Dam: Crackerbury Heart Will Go On

D.O.B 12/08/14

Sammy love you to bits you are the most handsome boy in my eyes, my brave soldier.

Name: Arosa

Crackerbury Special Friend

Sire: Trenow Plover
Dam: Crackerbury heart will go on

D.O.B 04/04/16

A very sweet natured and fun loving girl.

Name: Poppy

Crackerbury Snowhill

Sire: Linjor Cassablanca
Dam: Crackerbury special friend

D.O.B 11/01/19

Poppy is a sweet natured puppy, adorable, kind and gentle in every way. She appeared on ANDREX TV in 2019 with other puppies in the litter.

She is hip and eye tested. all clear.


Name: Kiaora

Crackerbury All Blacks

Sire: Linjor the Squire

D.O.B 05/08/17

kia-Ora is Sweet, loving girl, gentle and kind. Always eager to please.

She is hip and eye tested. all clear.

When Cracker passed away, he left us with so many special memories. Our house is named in his memory, and not only did he inspire us to build the Crackerbury line of labradors, we also started the pet care business in his name.
I adore all my Labradors, and I'm sure you will too!